Welcome to the Armchair Paranormal Website!

I’m Stephanie Winchester, an armchair paranormal researcher. What does that mean? I love to watch anything to do with the afterlife. Any program that includes ghosts, psychics or unknown phenomena I’ll be sure to watch! I do this from the comfort of my armchair and sometimes with a nice cocktail in hand. That doesn’t mean that I take these shows lightly. On the contrary, I have a high respect and admiration for the brave men and women who are out there risking their very souls to seek, help and discover paranormal activity. Admittedly I don’t personally go into these creepy haunted locations to confront spirits and demons.I am not at member of a Paranormal Society at this time.

I have had a few first hand experiences seeing ghosts and orbs, but I’ve never gone out to actively find paranormal activity. I’m a person who loves to talk about and hear true stories on the subject of ghosts and paranormal. I have a lot of unanswered questions that I would like to investigate. If I can do this via my armchair, all the better!

What I hope to accomplish with this site is to share my opinions and discuss all things paranormal in a fun and informative way. Finding answers to the many questions that arise when I watch paranormal TV shows and documentaries would be truly amazing.

Some of my questions are as follows…

Who becomes a ghost and why do they haunt? Why do some people not cross over when their human body dies? What are the best ways to find these spirits? How and why do some people see spirits, and most others do not? When is the best time to see this activity? Is there a certain time of day when ghostly activity is more frequent? How are these apparitions found? Can we protect ourselves from dark energies or ghosts? What are ghosts and demons capable of doing? Why does this activity happen? What kind of person wants to investigate paranormal activity? What to do if you think you are being haunted? The list could go on and on…

If you think I am missing out on any cool documentaries and TV shows or anyone has any friendly feedback or suggestions on what to watch and read, please be my guest to suggest.

Finally, if this subject matter bothers or disturbs you, please move on from this site. It is my intention to provide a positive, safe, fun and above all, interesting place for like minded individuals to visit.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy yourself!