Paranormal Stories

There seems to be an infinite amount of paranormal stories that can be found. The problem is identifying the true paranormal stories from the less credible paranormal stories. The key is creating a set of standards that will help you view each one objectively. This is true for both paranormal stories and pictures.

How to View Paranormal Stories Objectively

Filtering the real paranormal stories from the growing number of less credible tales can be difficult. The most shocking part is two people objectively looking at the same paranormal stories can come to different conclusions. This is because there is a minimal amount of facts regarding paranormal activity that is universally accepted. As a result, paranormal stories are best judged by considering the sources involved with each story.

There Are At Least Two Sides to Paranormal Stories

All paranormal stories have at least two sides – most will have many more. Most paranormal stories will be sourced from the people who were directly affected by paranormal activity, paranormal investigators, and potentially friends, family, and acquaintances.

Look for Inconsistencies as Paranormal Stories Are Retold

Along with considering the original telling of paranormal stories, you will often have the opportunity to listen to the people who were affected or played significant roles tell what happened multiple times. This can be done through reading interviews and biographies which could be related to the paranormal stories. You can then find out if there are any inconsistencies between the original telling of the paranormal stories and re-telling of them. The more inconsistencies there are, the less likely it is that they are true paranormal stories.

Focus on the Primary Sources of the Paranormal Stories

One thing to keep in mind when trying to look for inconsistencies as paranormal stories are retold is who is doing the re-telling. As a general rule, you should only consider primary sources. What they say to others can be used out of context. If you start looking at secondary sources for inconsistencies in paranormal stories then you will always find them. Unfortunately, many of the older paranormal stories no longer have any primary sources which are still alive or available.

7 of the Most Popular Paranormal Stories

If you are looking for paranormal stories that are shrouded in controversy, then these 7 are a great place to start. Some of them are scary paranormal stories, while others are more intriguing than frightful.

Amityville Haunting

The Amityville Haunting may be one of the most well-known scary paranormal stories. The paranormal stories that surround the house have been made into several movies and are discussed in multiple books over the past several decades. In most cases, the story begins with George and Kathleen Lutz moving into their newly purchased house. Prior the purchase, it was the site of a gruesome multiple murder committed by Ronald DeFeao who killed his father, mother, sister, and two brothers. Depending on the version of the story, paranormal activities began either immediately or soon after the Lutz’s moved in and the events range from unsettling to extreme.

There might be more controversy surrounding the Amityville Haunting than any two other paranormal stories combined. The most glaring inconstancies stem from the Lutz’s altering their story over the course of multiple interviews or including details which were confirmed to be false. For example, references to having called the police although the official police logs show no calls ever coming from the home. Another large inconsistency stems from the priest involved altering his part in the paranormal stories on a regular basis. His role ranges from never visiting the house to leaving the house with bruises and stigmata-like signs on his hands.

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is one of the oldest popular paranormal stories in the United States. Since very little real documentation exists, it isn’t surprising that multiple versions of paranormal stories exist.

The central figure is Sarah Winchester. She moved from Connecticut to California after her husband and daughter both died. She continuously built her home for nearly 38 years. Depending on which paranormal stories you read, this could have been for several reasons. The consistent points are that she believed that her family was cursed after her husband invented a more efficient version of the Winchester rifle and she was haunted by the ghosts of everyone who was killed by them during the Civil War. The reasons she kept building onto her home vary greatly on the paranormal stories you find, although they relate to either confusing the ghosts or placating them. Looking at the design, it is apparent that she had an obsession with the number 13 and the spider web design.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is billed the most haunted nightclub in the USA. Depending on how far you go back, there are a number of paranormal stories to choose from. According to local legend, it has a “gateway to hell” through the well in the basement. There are a number of tragedies that are tied to the paranormal stories and pictures centered around Bobby Mackey’s Music World. The two most well-known are the paranormal stories related to the murder of Pearl Brown and the suicide of a dancer (the former owner’s daughter) named Johanna.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch is considered to have influenced numerous books and movies, including the Blair Witch Project and An American Haunting. While there are multiple versions of the story, the first reports all begin around 1817. Depending on which paranormal stories you read, even future president Andrew Jackson was a witness to the poltergeist known as “Kate”. In general, these paranormal stories highlight three important actions that no previous poltergeist tales had. Kate spoke in normal, conversational English, affected a community of more than 100 people, and actually murdered (poisoned) a person.

Queen Mary Haunting

The Queen Mary was a luxury liner and a WWII transport ship, which lends it to numerous paranormal stories. In total, there were 49 confirmed deaths aboard the ship. Additionally, it ran into another ship during the war and left more than 300 survivors stranded in the nearby waters to drown or be eaten by sharks. There is now a resident psychic who claims to have contacted more than 150 different ghosts on the ship and has numerous paranormal stories to share with tour guests and those who choose to stay overnight.


It shouldn’t be surprising that there are so many paranormal stories surrounding Alcatraz. Not only did it house the most dangerous criminals of its time, but was also used for military prisoners until 1933. Some of the most popular paranormal stories include the Utility Corridor, Cell 14D, the Golden Rule Warden, Cell Blocks A, B, and C, and of course the Ghost of Al Capone.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel has a number of paranormal stories tied to it, although none are particularly scary. Its real claim to fame is that it served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s book The Shining. The few paranormal stories that persist primarily include the ballroom. The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society has conducted an investigation into multiple claims, however it has yet to back up any of the paranormal stories surrounding the property.

Paranormal stories will always be fascinating to paranormal researchers and the general public alike. If you are interested in this field, then it is important to view these tales objectively in order to decide for yourself which ones are real paranormal stories and which are more likely to be influenced by natural events. Even when the validity of paranormal stories comes into question, once they capture the attention of the masses, they will likely never go away.