Paranormal TV Shows

The influx of paranormal TV shows is a driving force behind more people getting involved with paranormal research or ghost hunting. It should be no surprise that some of the paranormal shows on TV tend to focus more on ratings than on facts. At the same time, many of the best paranormal TV shows are dedicated to presenting the facts, even if it means admitting that they made a mistake. With new paranormal TV shows popping up, you might be wondering which are the best. Here is a short list of paranormal TV shows which are consistently topping the charts. Please visit our paranormal investigators page for more information.

The Top Paranormal TV Shows

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is one of the best paranormal TV shows on TV at the moment. Like many paranormal TV shows, Ghost Adventures is based upon a documentary. The original documentary was created by the same three ghost hunters that are in the series – Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. This series now airs on the Travel Channel and is set to air the sixth season in early 2012. Ghost Adventures is best known for interviewing experts and historians about a particular location and then going into “lockdown” from sunset to sunrise in order to document potentially paranormal experiences.

TAPS: Ghost Hunters

TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is involved with several paranormal TV shows, although the most well-known is Ghost Hunters on the SyFy Channel. TAPS was founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson who are plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night. While the Ghost Hunters paranormal TV shows are considered to be a huge bonus, Jason and Grant were involved with paranormal investigations long before the show was born. One thing to keep in mind is that TAPS operates independently of Ghost Hunters, although the organization is intimately involved with the show as well as other paranormal TV shows.

Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International is a spin-off of the original TAPS paranormal TV show. It utilizes the same methods, only instead of focusing on local events, it is international. While there is a little more turnover from one season of paranormal TV shows to the next, the key pieces remain intact – most notably, Barry FitzGerald, who has nearly two decades of paranormal investigation experience. Before he got his start in paranormal TV shows, Barry previously worked for two different paranormal groups based in Northern Ireland.

Rescue Mediums

Rescue Mediums is a series of paranormal TV shows which primarily takes place in Canada. The mediums that have been involved are Jackie Dennison, Christine Hamlett, and Alison Wynne-Ryder. It is currently airing in 28 countries, although it is searching for a new broadcaster in the US after airing seasons 1-3 on the WE Network. Along with co-hosting these paranormal TV shows Jackie is also the owner of the Feathers Academy, which teaches and heals through spiritual and holistic measures. Alison is a psychic medium and Reiki Master. It was one of the first popular international paranormal TV shows hosted by multiple mediums.

The Haunted

The Haunted is ideal for animal enthusiasts who want to see scarier paranormal shows on TV. It can be found on Animal Planet and focuses on both the people and animals involved with the story. Unlike many paranormal TV shows, The Haunted utilizes different paranormal investigation groups based on the location of the story. Another difference is that the focus is more on the story itself, rather than the details or methodology of the investigation. This doesn’t mean that investigations are different than other paranormal TV shows, just that you won’t see every step of it.

Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium is one of the new paranormal TV shows that premiered in 2011. It stars Theresa Captuo, a medium, as she deals with clients and her family. The biggest difference between Long Island Medium and other paranormal TV shows is that equal emphasis is placed on her abilities and how it affects her daily life with her family.

Ghostly Encounters

Unlike many paranormal TV shows, Ghostly Encounters aims to simply tell a story about events that happened to someone. This includes re-enactments, host segments, and commentary. Of course, the bulk of the show is a direct-to-camera interview with the person who had the paranormal experiences.

Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids is one of the few paranormal TV shows that focus specifically on children who potentially have psychic powers. The purpose of the show was to help the kids learn how to understand and harness their abilities. The host was Chip Coffey, who has been in a number of other paranormal TV shows as well.

Haunted Collector

Haunted Collector was released in 2011. This show sets itself apart from other paranormal TV shows by trying to identify specific items which may be causing paranormal problems. The team is led by John Zaffis. He is a world-renowned demonologist and has been in the paranormal research field for more than four decades. The first season had only six episodes, although a short first season is common among paranormal TV shows on SyFy. The second season is slated to be released towards the end of 2012.

There are lots of other paranormal shows on TV like Haunted Highway, Celebrity Ghost Stories and many independent ghost hunters post their findings on YouTube for anyone to watch.

Controversy Surrounds the Most Popular Paranormal TV Shows

It’s not surprising to find controversy surrounding most paranormal TV shows. The study of the paranormal will always have its believers and its critics. Paranormal TV shows bring a controversial topic to a mass audience, which means there will always be some controversy. There has even been controversy within the paranormal research community as to which paranormal TV shows are a benefit to the field and which paranormal TV shows could be hurting it.

Some Paranormal TV Shows Are More Open Than Others

There are a select few paranormal TV shows which seem to be more open to the criticism than others. This is noticeable in the way that they deal with fans, critics, and other professionals within the community. In fact, some paranormal TV shows have even done interviews in which they admit that they made mistakes and publically addressed them. This type of up-front approach is what has really benefited the community as a whole.

Paranormal TV shows aren’t going away any time soon. The public appetite for the abnormal is at an all-time high. As such, the list of paranormal TV shows will always be changing. There will rarely be a show that everyone likes, so take a few minutes to watch them all and decide which paranormal TV shows will give you what you want.