Spirit Rescue and Clearing Your Home of Unwanted Spirit.

by Armchair Paranormal on July 3, 2012

Spirit Rescue

Today I’m going to address the subject of spirit rescue and how to clear your home of negativity and unwanted spirit. My sister suggested this topic because she noticed that some paranormal investigators on TV do not seem to help the spirits that they encounter. They are instead focused on finding paranormal activity and documenting it. Perhaps the investigators feel like they are helping solely by proving that ghosts exist? I’m sure this is partially true because once it is proven that there is a lost soul in a home or building, it could lead to a spirit rescue in the future. Here are a few suggestions on how to rescue a spirit, clear negativity or clear an entity from your home.

Where to start if you need a Spirit Rescue

To begin with, find a local paranormal investigation group. Most reputable groups will not charge you to investigate your home. They will likely be able to help you figure out if you are actually being haunted, they also may be able to put you into contact with someone who can help rescue the spirit or banish a dark spirit or demon. Try googling- paranormal group or paranormal investigator, and your city. If there isn’t a group in your city or town, look for one that is in the closest vicinity to you. Often these investigators are eager to help people in need. So don’t be shy to contact a paranormal group in your area.

Once you find out that you are being haunted, you could simply ask the spirit to leave, this may or may not work- it’s worth trying this first in any case. Explain to the ghost that this is your home and that they are scaring you and your family. Tell them that it is time for them to move on and that you do not want to share your home with them any longer. I have seen Chip Coffey on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids telling people to be very firm and yell at the spirit to leave. I would try asking the spirit to leave firmly and respectfully first. As far as the ghost is concerned, they have the power to listen to you or not. Or you could tell them that you are willing to share your space with them if they stop trying to contact you and your family. If it is a dark spirit or demon bothering you, you’ll have to ask a priest or demonologist for help. You cannot do this alone. Get help immediately!

Another way to help is to find a rescue medium. These are people who are capable of communicating with spirit because of their psychic abilities. Often they can guide the lost soul into the light. . They are also able to close the door or portal that the spirit may have been coming and going through. This is very important because we don’t want any other unwanted entities coming and going through this open doorway! A rescue medium can communicate with spirit and this way you can have a better understanding as to why the spirit is hanging around in the first place! Again, research locally to find a reputable rescue medium. See if there is a local spiritual alliance or organization able to help you.

There is a TV program called The Rescue Mediums. Check out an episode of this show to see how a rescue medium works. It is very satisfying to see sad, angry or confused spirits move on to where they should be.

By the way, most of these ghostly entities are not scary and mean. They are just trying to get your attention so that you can help them. Can you imagine how awful and frustrating it would be if no one could see, hear or help you? Worse yet, if they did see you, they screamed in terror and ran away! Remember that these were once people. Some spirits maybe confused because they may or may not know that they have died, and now they seem to be unable to communicate with the living. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that some ghosts enjoy frightening people. It’s probably entertaining for them to scare you. I am told that fear feeds some entities, so as hard as it is, try not to feed into the fear.

Not every ghost or apparition wants to be rescued. There are cases where these entities are not willing to leave their beloved home. Many stories that I have heard seem to be about ghosts that had lived in the home previous to their passing, and they have no intention of leaving! Or perhaps they have been invited into the home via the Ouija board. These are often lower energies that come through the Ouija and should not be here! (See my previous post on using the Ouija.)

What can you do to prepare your home for Spirit Rescue?

A common way to rid yourself or your home of lower energy or entities is through the act of ‘smudging’. Native Indians originally used the smudging ceremony to cleanse their people and sacred places of negativity and bad spirit. In North America they mostly use a combination of sage, sweet grass and cedar to drive away bad spirit and to keep negativity at bay. It is now widely used by spiritual people to rid themselves or their homes of negativity and entities. While the Sage is burning, you fan or rub the smoke over yourself and your home while praying for the Sage to cleanse your home and rid it of any lower energy and entities. After smudging, a white candle is lit and raised to every corner of the room, the room is ‘filled’ with light and you can pray for the spirit to move into the light and not to return to your home. Sage bundles can be bought online and at your local spiritual store. I caution you to do this smudging ritual carefully! Before starting it would be wise to investigate further, on how to perform smudging safely and successfully. Perhaps you could contact your local Native band to see if they have a member that would perform this ancient ritual for you? Very cool!

Finally, don’t feel that you are alone! There is someone out there who can answer your questions and help you. Keep searching if at first you don’t succeed!

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reluctantmedium July 12, 2012 at 9:18 am

Great advice ! Also suggest contacting your local Spiritualist Church and speaking with one of the ministers.


Armchair Paranormal September 5, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Yes, they would be a great resource!


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