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by Armchair Paranormal on February 7, 2013

The Haunting of... Bio Channel

The Haunting Of… is a TV show on the Bio Channel starring Kim Russo a psychic medium. Kim Russo is from Long Island, (not to be confused with Theresa Caputo who is know as the Long Island Medium). Each episode Kim meets a new celebrity who has had a paranormal experience in their past. She meets them at the haunted location, to investigate ‘in hopes of discovering the truth’. Most if not all of these celebrities had previously shared their paranormal experience on Celebrity Ghost Stories, also on the Bio Channel.

Kim was nine years old when she started seeing ghosts at the foot of her bed. Mediums seem to be very young when they start to see spirit. I’ve heard that when we are young, we are much more receptive to seeing spirit. I guess this makes sense, we are brand new and have no preconceived notions about life – and death for that matter. We have crossed from the spirit realm so recently that maybe we haven’t quite closed that door yet? This is just speculation on my part.

It reminds me when I was holding my friend’s baby one night while she was taking a shower upstairs. He was only three weeks old at the time and I was lying on the couch with him. He kept looking up behind me smiling and looking entertained. He did this for so long that I started getting the creeps because it seemed like he was looking at something right behind me above my head. I even looked over my shoulder a few times to see what he was looking at, but it was fairly dark in the house. I kept thinking that babies at that age don’t see very well and aren’t supposed to be able to smile, but he sure looked like he was seeing something funny! I didn’t bother saying anything to my friend, because the baby was not upset, on the contrary. Not too long ago she said she thought her house was haunted and it reminded me of this experience five years ago. It made me wonder if the little guy was actually seeing someone that I couldn’t see?

Tonight I was watching The Haunting of … Fairuza Balk and a there were a few moments that caught my attention. I found it interesting when Kim told Fairuza that she could see that she had psychic-medium abilities. The interesting part to me was how Kim could tell if someone possesses psychic abilities – she sees a funnel shape above the person’s head and that funnel emits a bright light. This light can attract positive or negative entities. Fairuza had attracted a negative entity to her and this followed her to her studio space.

The building also had a ‘nice’ spirit that was trying to protect her from the not so nice one. This man had killed himself in his office space one floor above. Kim said he was trying to protect Fairuza from the negative entity, which had actually tried to harm her. She said that this spirit didn’t know that he was dead, but at the end of the episode said that he was trying to ascend to a higher spirit level by helping Fairuza and her neighbor. This is a little contradictory because if you don’t know you’re dead, how could you try to ascend to the next level? Perhaps I misunderstood?

Another interesting tidbit I picked up on was when Kim entered the studio, the black tourmaline crystal she brought to ‘ground the space and transmute negative energy’ dropped to the cement floor and shattered. They were both surprised and Kim immediately said that ‘someone didn’t want her there’. The fascinating part to me was when she said don’t pick up the pieces. She said that it was supposed to happen this way. The large crystal had broken into many smaller pieces and in turn it spread out to better ground the space. Hmmm?

That was interesting to me in particular because quite a few months ago, I bought a nice heart shaped rose quartz and after a few weeks it dropped onto my tile floor and broke into pieces. I joked that my heart was broken, but I was sad to see the nice smooth heart shaped crystal broken into jagged pieces. Right away, I didn’t get the message that it was supposed to be that way. I suppose the lesson there was to not jump to the negative conclusion, my heart was not broken, it just expanded I guess.

When I was researching articles on Kim Russo and The Haunting Of… I saw many positive comments about her gift and the show and also negative comments from people who don’t believe that she is psychic or who don’t believe in ghosts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Personally I find The Haunting Of… show entertaining and have learned a few things here and there. It is not my favorite show but after watching a few episodes I found that Kim had some unique insights and she grew on me. There are a few contradictions here and there, but I think it must be difficult to interpret 100%, what the spirits are trying to convey. If I pay attention I seem to get little messages of wisdom that are beneficial to me. So I’m thankful for that and I find it interesting to hear about each person’s paranormal stories. It goes to show that whether you’re a celebrity or not, you never forget a ghost encounter.

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Martin February 11, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Excellent post! For those of you who don’t know who Fairuza balk is she was in American history x, almost famous, waterboy and the craft.


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