The Origin of Halloween

by Armchair Paranormal on October 30, 2012


The roots of Halloween go way back, approximately 2000 years. It originated with the Celts in North Eastern Europe, before Christianity was introduced. All Hallows Eve, October 31, was a Pagan holiday that celebrated Samhain- the end of summer, the end of harvest and the beginning of the Pagan New Year, November 1.

It was believed, that during this time, the dead roamed the earth freely and it would be much easier to communicate with spirits that had passed on. There were rituals and celebrations to mark the occasion.

Why did costumes enter the picture? Some folks were scared that the spirits would recognize and haunt them this night, so they would ‘dress up’ to confuse the spirits. Also, there was a bonfire ritual in which some people would dress in animal hides to please the spirits.

The spiritual leaders of that time were called Druids. The Druids would call upon the spirits to communicate and would ask them questions about the future and seek guidance.

In time the Catholic Church moved in, the missionaries preached that the Pagan Samhain celebration was devil worship and anyone who participated were deemed evil. Pagans were called heathens and were considered devil worshippers and witches. Even so, celebration of this holiday persists to this day!

These days, Halloween is a time to dress up, go to parties and children go door to door to trick or treat. There are still many people who believe that October 31 is the best night to hold a séance because the veil between the living and dead is so thin.

I remember that when I was a kid, we yelled “Halloween apples!” at the door of our neighbor’s, not “trick or treat”. I wonder if anyone else said that too? There must be an explanation for that saying, but I don’t know what it is.

What ever you get up to this Halloween, be safe and have fun!

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